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Precinct Caucus

Shaping the Future Together

Denver’s 2024 Precinct Caucus plays a pivotal role in our party's future, allowing us to nominate candidates, fill essential leadership positions and shape our collective platform. This page provides everything you need to know!

Thursday, March 7, 2024 @ 6:30pm

Why participate in Caucus?

Caucus is a crucial process that defines the Democratic Party of Denver. Whether your passion is to end income inequality, fight climate change, protect our democracy, end gun violence, or bring down the high cost of health care, this process is for you.

Key elements include:

Selecting Delegates: Delegates represent the party at the Democratic County Assembly and Convention, advocating for our values and casting votes that influence primary ballot candidates.

Proposing Platform Changes: Your ideas can shape our party's direction. Participate in proposing updates to our platform, inspiring positive change.

Electing Precinct Organizers (POs): These leaders are the backbone of our party, organizing and guiding Democratic voters across Denver's 301 precincts. POs also hold crucial positions within the county central committee and district vacancy committees.

What is Caucus?

Caucus is a vital event organized by the Democratic Party of Denver, uniting local residents to participate in the democratic process. During this grassroots gathering, Denverites meet their neighbors and engage in discussions, elect precinct organizers, select delegates to represent the party and propose policy changes, shaping the future direction of the local Democratic Party. 

Mar 16

Once a delegate is elected from your precinct, they will attend the Democratic Party of Denver Assembly on March 16, 2024, at 10 a.m. Location TBA.

Apr 11

Colorado's 1st Congressional District and 6th Congressional District Assemblies will be held via a virtual meeting.

Apr 13

The Colorado Democratic Party will virtually conduct the Colorado State Assembly and State Convention.

What happens after Caucus?

Be a resident of your Denver precinct for at least 22 days before the caucus (since Feb. 14, 2024).

Residency Requirement

Registered to vote at least 22 days before the caucus (by Feb. 14, 2024). Note: Minors aged 16+ can preregister and become Precinct Organizers or delegates.

Voter Registration

Registered as a Democrat at least 22 days before the caucus (by Feb 14, 2024).

Democratic Party Affiliation

Who can participate?

Here are the eligibility requirements to participate in the Denver County caucus:

Image by Gennady Zakharin


Confirm Your Voter Registration

Ensure you are registered to vote, registered as a Democrat, and lookup your precinct number via the Secretary of State's website.

Need help understanding what you see?

Click here for help.


Find Your Caucus Location

There are 11 different precinct caucus locations throughout Denver, however you must attend your specific caucus location to participate.


Register for Caucus

Each of the 11 locations has a different registration page. You must pre-register for caucuses. Once you know your caucus location, register for your respective caucus location here.

Get Started

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. Confirm you are registered to vote and where. Find your Caucus location. Register for Caucus.

Share your vision. Make your mark.

Your ideas can help shape the future of Denver. We're looking for innovative, progressive platform suggestions that resonate with our community's values and needs.


Share your vision. Whether it's about social justice, environmental sustainability, or economic growth, we want to hear from you.
Submit Your Ideas Now and contribute to the Democratic Party of Denver's mission for a brighter, more inclusive future. Your voice is our strength.

Need additional help?

Step 3: Click the 'County & District Information' tab to find your voting 'District Information'. Specifically, remember or copy the LAST THREE DIGITS of your 'Precinct'. This will be used to look up your Caucus Location.
Step 2: Confirm your 'County registration date' and 'Date of Affiliation' is prior to '2/14/2024'. Confirm your 'Party Affiliation' is 'Democratic'.
Step 1: After navigating to the Secretary of State's website enter your first name, last name, zip code, and birthday to look up your voter registration.
If no voter registration can be found, please check to ensure what you entered is correct. If so, please contact your County Clerk & Recorder.

Need help understanding your voter registration?

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