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Denver Democrats - Education - East high School


Fully Fund public schools

  • Find ways to make sure that schools are funded in an equitable system rather than simply by property tax systems.

Safe and welcoming environment for all students

  • Oppose American Birthright Standard

  • Give students the right to use restrooms that aligns with gender identity

  • Have a welcoming and well-funded environment for migrant students new to the city and country

Support diverse inclusive teaching

  • Emphasize critical engagement with curriculum materials and minimize teaching to a standardized test as far as possible.

  • Support an accurate teaching of history and civics.

Resist expansion of privatization

  • Suggestion to change: We believe that public education is a right, and support all efforts of duly-elected officials in education to dismantle inequitable education practices around: evaluation systems for students, teachers, and schools

Support comprehensive student mental health services.

Oppose book bans.

Look for alternative methods of security other than SROs. Support state efforts to ban seclusion and restraint practices for behaviorally challenged students.

Support the replacement of punitive discipline systems with restorative justice practices that respect all stakeholders' dignity while holding all accountable to ensure inclusion and success in the least restrictive environment possible.

Give all school staff the right to collectively bargain

  • Grant card check neutrality to expedite the collective bargaining process for unionizing of public charter schools employees

We believe in PK-12, higher education, and vocational training systems that are inclusive and well-funded.We advocate for educational equity, equal access to the best instructional/pedagogical practice, updated culturally sensitive curriculum, and policies to eliminate disparate disciplinary actions. We seek increased per pupil school funding to support smaller class sizes, increased diversity of teachers, comprehensive health resources, and fair teacher compensation. We oppose neighborhood school closures, corporatized charters, vouchers, censorship and excessive unfair testing/accountability systems.

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