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Denver Democrats - Labor and the Economy - Workers digging
Denver Democrats - Labor and the Economy - Construction workers
Denver Democrats - Labor and the Economy - Farmers

Labor and the Economy

Bring all city agencies up to full employment

Collective Bargaining for all city employees

Have Project Labor Agreements on all city construction projects

Ensure all workers are free from emotional, mental and physical coercion when organizing for collective bargaining

  • Oppose captive audience meetings

  • Support card check neutrality.

City will not do business or provide tax incentives to any organization or company that participates in union busting.

Provide family medical leave, vacation and sick leave to everyone who works in Denver

  • Twelve weeks of paid family medical leave

  • Two weeks of paid vacation

  • Seven day of paid sick leave

Strictly enforce Child Labor Laws

  • Increase penalties to companies committing child labor violations

Strictly enforce Wage Theft Laws

  • Increase penalties to companies committing wage theft against employees

  • Provide all resources available to the Auditor’s office 

  • Make workers in Denver aware of processes to pursue recovery of lost wages

Collective bargaining for all public/private partnerships

  • Denver Library, Denver Health, Etc

Require Labor Harmony language for companies getting tax benefits from the city

Support Ban the Box legislation

Insert Labor Neutrality language into Requests for Proposals

Encourage municipal support to eliminate Labor Peace Act and TABOR legislation. 

Encourage worker owned cooperatives

A strong economy requires fair business practices that treat workers with respect, dignity, and the ability to live where they work. We vigorously support union activities including the right to collectively organize to ensure safe and healthy workplaces with collective bargaining, training, and education, as well as adequate funding for enforcement of all state, city and federal safety laws. We believe that the government must support investments in clean energy technology, job creation, infrastructure development, scientific research, and education. We support entrepreneurs and targeted funding for small businesses and underserved communities. 

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