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Denver Democrats - U.S. Capitol Demonstration
Denver Democrats - Grab Em By The Midterms
Denver Democrats - And that's when I said Mr. Trump, you're fired

Protecting Democracy

We support one person, one vote for all offices.  All votes should count equally.  We advocate for reform of the Electoral College, the US Senate, and oppose partisan gerrymandering.​

We call for campaign finance reform including public funding of elections. We call for tighter regulation of independent expenditures and an examination of ways to improve Denver’s Fair Election Fund

We stand for popular election to all public offices.  We staunchly oppose efforts to install a candidate to any office who did not win a majority or plurality of popular votes cast.

We believe that voter registration should be automatic, with an opt-out option. We call for all eligible voters to be registered whenever they interact with the State.

We call for a replacement of first past the post voting with an alternative voting system as a means of elevating smaller candidates, increasing the value of every vote and saving money by eliminating runoff elections.

We call for an examination of ways to improve Denver's public financing of elections. Candidates with wealth or high-dollar donors are still highly favored.

We support Colorado's permanent membership in the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, and strongly encourage all states to join the compact as soon as possible.

We support an increase in the ability for and access to civic participation amongst our carcerally involved population.

We support legislation to penalize people posing as fake electors.

We support legislation to ban the use of AI generated voices and videos of candidates and elected officials.

Denver Democrats believe democracy is under attack and must be protected. Every citizen is obligated to gather and calmly disseminate facts, oppose lies, support candidates, or run for office. We welcome diverse communities with voter registrations, advocacy for or against legislation, and engagement in the democratic process. Democracy relies on the ability of each citizen to vote, each vote to count, and elections that are free from dark or corporate money, or political interference.

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