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Housing and Homelessness

We support enacting limits on for profit corporations, investment funds, and hedge funds from purchasing single family homes, apartment complexes, and other housing units.  These corporate entities use their purchasing power to control the housing market, and are severely increasing the cost of housing with their market power.

We support the repeal of any and all prohibitions on the state of Colorado, or any entity under its jurisdiction, from enacting rent control and other housing price stabilization.

Housing is the most essential need in life, yet many people do not earn enough money to afford it.  We support universal basic income to permit everyone to afford housing.

We support using “housing first” policy approaches to assist the unhoused persons in our city.  Housing first is the most effective way of transitioning people from homelessness to stable housing and steady work.

We support funding and improving city government efforts to contact those experiencing homelessness and get those that are willing into short-term housing, as quickly as possible.

We support providing people in short-term housing situations with access to wrap-around services sufficient to support their efforts to obtain stable incomes and housing, and evaluating these services on timescales that are inclusive of weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly metrics.

Unoccupied and/or abandoned MDUs should be used by the city as short and medium term shelters for unhoused persons.

Unhoused persons should have their property rights respected.  If an unhoused person must be moved by law enforcement for any reason, their personal property must be returned to them.

Housing should be safe, affordable and available for all, especially those impacted by policies such as redlining. Rents and mortgages should not exceed 30 percent of income. Zoning and taxing must not segregate housing by race or class. Housing developers and investors must be incentivized to provide low-income housing. All people experiencing homelessness should be counted and given access to housing which will then enable them to seek adequately funded wrap-around services as needed.

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