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Protecting Democracy - Democratic Party of Denver

Protecting Democracy

In conclusion

Denver Democrats believe democracy is under attack and must be protected. Every citizen is obligated to gather and calmly disseminate facts, oppose lies, support candidates, or run for office. We welcome diverse communities with voter registrations, legislative advocacy, and engagement in the democratic process. Democracy demands each citizen’s equal access to vote, each vote to count, and elections that are free from dark or corporate money, or political interference. 

Prepared and submitted by the Elected Platform Committee and adopted by the Denver Democratic Assembly, March 19, 2022

Urban Climate Justice - Democratic Party of Denver

Urban Climate Justice

Denver's environmental and climate challenges threaten our survival and disproportionately harms vulnerable communities. To protect our ecosystems and health of our planet by eliminating pollution and other causes of global warming, we advocate policies and legislation to fund research, education, speedy transition to clean energy, urban farming, expanded tree canopies, and greenhouse gas reductions. We must preserve natural resources, use health-based standards for air and water quality, repair affected communities, and control extractive industries.

Labor and the Economy - Democratic Party of Denver

Labor and the Economy

A strong economy requires fair business practices that treat workers with respect, dignity, and the ability to live where they work. We vigorously support union activities including the right to collectively organize to ensure workplace safety, equal opportunities, and a livable wage with benefits.  We believe that government must support investments in clean energy technology, job creation, infrastructure development, scientific research, and education. We support entrepreneurs and targeted funding for small businesses and underserved communities. 

Voting Rights - Democratic Party of Denver

The Democratic Party of Denver is committed to justice, participatory democratic decision making, transparency and accountability. We seek to build and defend a democracy that reflects equity, dismantles legacies of oppression, respects all facets of each person, and maximizes participation in our civic institutions. We recognize that all work is honorable and all workers’ rights must be protected. We seek equitable economic opportunities to protect workers and the planet. 

We believe that everyone should be treated fairly and equally under the law regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, national origin, economic status, disability or political status. We renounce hate and violence in all its forms. We also support the right of all to: access to voting, freedoms of thought, privacy, religion, speech, assembly, movement and non-violent civil disobedience.

Democratic Party of Denver

Our Platform

The Denver Democrats’ platform provides a set of core issues that drive our advocacy and outreach.

Housing and Homelessness - Democratic Party of Denver

Housing and Homelessness

Housing should be safe, affordable and available for all, especially those impacted by policies such as redlining. Rents and mortgages should not exceed 30 percent of income. Zoning and taxing must not segregate housing by race or class. Housing developers and investors must be incentivized to provide low-income housing. All people experiencing homelessness should be counted and given access to housing which will then enable them to seek adequately funded wrap around services as needed.

Healthcare - Democratic Party of Denver


Democrats support universal, affordable access to a transformed health care system that redresses past and ongoing racial, social, and economic inequities, ensures reproductive and abortion rights and integration of physical and behavioral health services. We demand accountability from insurers and providers. We will continue to advocate for the best workable paths to prioritize patient and family health, whether through single-payer systems or more incremental approaches such as public option plans or non-privatized Medicaid buy-ins.

Animal Welfare - Democratic Party of Denver

Animal Welfare

We recognize the importance of caring for and protecting domesticated animals, working animals, animals in farming and endangered species in the wild. We expect our elected representatives to enforce responsible pet ownership inclusive of humanely treating animals, managing overpopulation issues through efforts to restrict harmful breeding and lack of sterilization, ensuring animals are vaccinated and leashed when in public. Representatives need to work with the community to eliminate abuse, neglect and homelessness of animals.

Gun Violence Prevention - Democratic Party of Denver

Gun Violence Prevention

We believe that everyone should be free from gun violence regardless of the perpetrator.  We understand that gun violence is a public health crisis requiring innovative responses. We respect the Second Amendment and support legislation that includes universal background checks, mandatory waiting periods, a minimum purchasing age of 21, and a ban on assault weapons, ghost guns, and conversion of guns into automatic weapons. We believe that police use of force must be independently evaluated.

Education - Democratic Party of Denver


We believe in PK-12, higher education, and vocational training systems that are inclusive and well-funded. We oppose neighborhood school closures, corporatized charters, vouchers, censorship and excessive unfair testing/accountability systems. We advocate for educational equity, equal access to the best instructional/pedagogical practice, updated culturally sensitive curriculum, and policies to eliminate disparate disciplinary actions. We seek increased per pupil school funding to support smaller class sizes, increased diversity of teachers, comprehensive health resources, and fair teacher compensation.

Criminal Justice - Democratic Party of Denver

Criminal Justice

Our criminal justice system should fund proven community safety measures that reduce incarceration and prioritize access to mental health and addiction services. Safety is achieved when communities trust and not fear the police. True public safety prevents, reduces, and heals harm to strengthen communities. A defendant's finances should not drive pre-trial release, access to family, or rehabilitation. Re-entry preparations should begin early and include access to job skills, education, and expungement of decriminalized offenses.

Infrastructure - Democratic Party of Denver


We prioritize capital investment and political advocacy for all viable alternatives to single-occupant auto travel, including targeted subsidies, bus, rail, bicycle, pedestrian, and ride services. We support infrastructure that is accessible to all, regardless of disability. We seek a robust infrastructure for electric vehicles, and elimination of fossil fuel use in transportation, heating, cooking and lawn care. Since information means access to knowledge and opportunity, we call for free broadband access and more library funding.

Immigrants in our Community - Democratic Party of Denver

Immigrants in our Community

Denver is enriched by the arrival of immigrants drawn to the ideals of freedom, democracy and the pursuit of happiness. We believe that we must be unwavering in our aim for diversity, inclusivity, family unity and the need to protect refugees and asylees. We support immigration policies that cultivate a safe, welcoming community for everyone to have access to legal representation, healthcare, a livable wage, quality education, affordable housing, and a path to citizenship.

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