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Safe, clean, reliable, courteous, accessible, and cost-effective public transportation is not only the RTD’s stated mission. For Democrats, it’s vital for working families throughout our area. Facts about the RTD Board of Directors:

  • Responsible for the RTD’s governance and ongoing vision, it is comprised of 15 non-partisan, publicly elected Board members representing the 15 districts of the RTD, 5 of which represent the City and County of Denver. 

  • Board members are elected for a term of four years and can serve for a maximum of two terms 

  • Terms are generally staggered so that not all Board members are up for election/re-election at the same time


The next RTD Board of Directors election is on November 5, 2024. Learn more here.


Regional Transportation District

Union Station - Democratic Party of Denver
RTD Light Rail in Snow - Democratic Party of Denver

RTD Director District Map

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