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Denver Democrats - Immigrants in our Community - Everyone is welcome
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Immigrants in our Community

    • We urge local governments and communities to extend all possible assistance to such foreign nationals, particularly given the current uncertainty concerning the ultimate direction our federal government may take in applying its laws and policies.

    • We support efforts by Denver and other entities to compel the federal government to improve its level of support for such foreign nationals, particularly in light of the worsening humanitarian crises in our communities.

    • We believe that foreign nationals adapting to life here, including those with documented status, would benefit from greatly improved access to information and advice concerning issues affecting their legal status; healthcare; employment; housing; education; and other critical aspects of life.

    • We recognize that there are many people with limited English proficiency, and encourage improved language equity in the form of interpretation and document translation in order to facilitate access to city services, assure that necessary documents can be understood and completed, and generally ease interactions with government.

    • We support ongoing efforts by Denver to fund needed services to foreign nationals.  We also recognize the difficulties Denver faces in dividing limited funds.

    • We believe that expanding the rights of foreign nationals to work while in this country would be beneficial and we encourage such expansion.

    • We advocate improving the capacity of the federal judiciary to fairly and timely review asylum and other residency applications.

    • We remember the individuals in our community that are currently under the protection of  DACA and encourage a resolution of this situation that will allow those individuals to remain here.

  • We recognize the importance of immigrants to the evolving ethos of Denver and our country as a whole.

  • We understand that immigrants are on a spectrum of varying legal footings, with some having documented status; some having a case for asylum that likely falls within our federal guidelines; and some, after having assessed their situation, having come here hoping to present their case and be allowed to stay after a legal review that is compassionate in its interpretation of the law.

  • We believe that all foreign nationals entering this country seeking to remain here have a right to a fair and timely review of their application, as well as to humane treatment pending resolution of their applications.

  • We recognize that action by our federal government to improve its humanitarian care for such foreign nationals and to expedite the processing of their applications is at present largely blocked due to conflicting agendas in the Executive and Legislative branches.

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