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A Letter from Leadership

Photo of Beth Turner

Hello Denver Democrats!

It’s caucus time, and we are hard at work on the final tasks for both caucus and assembly. Every two years, Democrats all over Denver gather in small meetings to do the work of building the party, and it all starts with caucus. At caucus, the two biggest items on the agenda are electing precinct organizers (POs), who serve for a two-year term, and electing delegates to meet at the county assembly.

Our precinct organizers are the backbone of the party, doing the work of connecting with their neighbors, making sure they turn out for Democrats and attend caucus. Precinct organizers also serve on vacancy committees, which meet to fill vacancies should an elected official resign or be unable to finish their term. This is a monumentally important responsibility.

The delegates we elect to our county assembly are also critically important, as some will go on to the congressional and state assemblies. Our assemblies nominate candidates to the June 25 primary ballot, one of whom in each seat will go on to the general election. In Denver, because of the dominance the Democratic Party enjoys, the primary is often the race.

I hope you plan on attending caucus and consider becoming a precinct organizer and assembly delegate. You can learn more at

Keep an eye out for other events coming up this year, including our spring fundraiser, summer picnic and annual dinner. We will also be announcing a monthly happy hour, which will give us all an opportunity to connect and get to know each other better. Stay tuned!

All the best,

James Reyes


Democratic Party of Denver



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