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Help Needed for HD 8: Partial List of Job Descriptions

Created by Sharon Kermiet 10/12/23


Estimated time requirements for each position unless otherwise noted:  5-10 hours per month



  • Take notes at the HD8 monthly meetings and HD8 officers’ meeting

  • Update PO contact information

  • Send thank you notes, invitations, and notices and help with newsletter as needed

  • Provide other assistance to HD8 officers as needed

Finance Chair

  • Collaborate with HD8 officers to prepare annual budget

  • Record financial transactions as necessary and compare to annual budget

  • Attend HD8 fundraisers to check ticket purchaser list, sell tickets, collect money, and complete any necessary paperwork in connection with finances of the event

  • Provide basic finance information during the monthly HD8 meetings

  • Attend HD8 officers’ meetings as needed

  • Attend meetings called by the Treasurer of the Democratic Party of Denver

Social-Media Specialist 

  • Collaborate with HD8 officers to develop strategy for social media communications

  • Post HD8 marketing messages on platforms including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc., regarding registering to vote, voting info, volunteer opportunities, and other info

Fundraising Assistant

  • Collaborate with HD8 officers and other volunteers to develop effective fundraisers

  • Assist with fundraising logistics including soliciting door prizes and silent auction items; preparing fliers and other fundraising marketing materials; locating venues; and setting up and cleaning up after events. More positions next month

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