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MEDIA ADVISORY: Denver Democrats Announce Date of 2024 Caucus

Caucus is March 7, 2024

DENVER, Colo. (Oct. 24, 2023) - The Democratic Party of Denver today announced the date of its 2024 caucus. Caucus plays a pivotal role in helping shape the future of the party by nominating candidates, filling leadership positions and determining the party's platform.

WHEN: Thursday, March 7, 2024 @ 7 p.m.

WHERE: Locations TBD

WHY: Caucus is a crucial process by which the Democratic Party of Denver nominates

candidates, fills leadership vacancies and determines the party’s platform. Key elements of caucus include:

  • Electing Precinct Organizers (POs), who have the important task of leading and organizing Democratic voters for each of the 301 precincts in Denver. POs are also members of the county central committee and district vacancy committees.

  • Electing delegates to the Democratic County Assembly and Convention, who serve as the party’s advocates and are entrusted with the responsibility to cast votes that determine which candidates make it to the primary ballot.

  • Making proposals for changes and updates to the party platform to steer the direction of our party and inspire positive change.

WHO: To take part in the Denver County caucus, participants must be:

  • A resident of their Denver precinct for at least 22 days (in other words, they will need to have lived in their precinct since Feb. 14, 2024).

  • Registered to vote no later than 22 days before the caucus or by Feb. 14, 2024. Note: Minors can preregister if they’re at least 16 years old. Preregistered minors are also eligible to serve as Precinct Organizers and assembly/convention delegates.

  • Registered as a Democrat for at least 22 days before the caucus.

More details about caucus, including updates on locations, will be shared in early 2024.



The Democratic Party of Denver (DPOD) is a volunteer-run organization that seeks to inspire, educate, activate and recruit citizens of Denver to elect Democratic candidates who support our core Democratic values and principles. You can learn more about us and our important work at or by calling 303-830-8242.



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