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Preliminary Democratic Primary 2024 Results for Denver

Denver Democratic Primary 2024 Results

The initial results from the 2024 Colorado Primary have been reported. The outcomes for Denver’s Democratic Primary are as follows. Please keep in mind that these results are unofficial and are based on races called by 9News and the Associated Press. The election results will be officially certified on July 12th.

Congressional Districts

District 1

Incumbent Representative Diana DeGette

District 6

Incumbent Jason Crow

Regent of the University of Colorado - At Large - Democratic Party

Elliott Hood

District Attorney: 2nd Judicial District

John Walsh

State Senate Districts

District 26:

Jeff Bridges

District 31:

Chris Hansen

District 33:

James Coleman

State House Districts

District 1:

Javier Mabrey

District 2:

Steven Woodrow

District 3:

Meg Froelich

District 4:

Cecelia Espenoza

District 5:

Alex Valdez

District 6:

Sean Camacho

District 7:

Jennifer Bacon

District 8:

Lindsay Gilchrist

District 9:

Emily Sirota

These results highlight the continued strength of the Democratic Party in Denver, with numerous uncontested seats and strong showings in contested ones. The party is now gearing up for the November 2024 elections to ensure these candidates successfully transition to holding office, reflecting the values and priorities of their constituents.



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