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The Clock is Ticking - Climate Change is Here

Image of green grass transforming into desert
Climate change is here

Climate change is not coming - it’s here. In 2020, 59% of Colorado voters said climate change requires action, up from 48% a decade before (source). It’s our new reality as Denverites face more intense wildfires, decreasing water levels and worsening air quality. Luckily, Colorado is a leader in climate action, and Democrats are paving the way to a better future. Colorado is committed to reaching zero net emissions by 2040, and we need to continue voting in Democrats to realize this goal. Check out the below recent accomplishments. It’s critical to our future to keep this momentum going in November and beyond and VOTE BLUE! A comprehensive guide to Denver’s climate action goals and plans can be found here.

  • In 2020, Denver Democrats voted to establish the Climate Protection Fund - only the second of its kind in the entire country. This fund aims to raise $40M per year, and is dedicated to eliminating greenhouse gas emissions, supporting climate adaptation and creating new jobs to improve the lives of Denverites.

    • The results of this fund are specifically focused on the communities most harmed by climate change: low-income households, communities of color and Indigenous people, babies, children, pregnant women, the elderly, people with disabilities and people with chronic health conditions.

  • Senator Hickenlooper’s RECHARGE Act became his first bill set to become law with the passing of the bipartisan infrastructure bill. The RECHARGE Act helps pave the way for mass adoption of electric vehicles by promoting affordable charging stations, faster charging at EV stations and more. Full act can be found here.

  • Denver’s Mayor Hancock strongly supports the goals outlined in the Climate Protection Fund’s five-year plan, and increased the goal to reach a 65% reduction in emissions by 2030. The City and County of Denver partnered with Solar United Neighbors of Colorado to launch the Denver Solar Co-op. Solar United Neighbors provides unbiased, installer-neutral support through each stage of the process of going solar.

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