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Denver Democrats - Infrastructure - Highways
Denver Democrats - Infrastructure - Bridges
Denver Democrats - Infrastructure - Fiber
Denver Democrats - Infrastructure - Construction


Have project labor agreements in all city construction projects

Support limiting fossil fuel use in new construction

  • Support incentives to add solar and other renewable energy to new and old construction

Update cities pipes to eliminate lead pipes, fix potential leaks and wear and maintain and update wastewater systems.

Finish the 16th St Mall project

Advance the 5280 Trail project

Expand network of protected bike and walking paths throughout the city

  • Prioritize expansion in older neighborhoods that are currently without sidewalks and bike paths. 

  • Expand sidewalk access to eventually eliminate narrowed sidewalks that hamper bike and wheelchair access

Expand light rail and bus route availability across the city and into surrounding areas.

  • Increase hours of availability of transit. 

Ban driverless vehicles for public street/sidewalk use without a licensed human operator that has override control in the unit.

Bring Denver Airport maintenance staff to full employment

  • Build walking path between terminals

Classify high speed broadband as a public utility. 

We prioritize capital investment and political advocacy for all viable alternatives to single-occupant auto travel, including targeted subsidies, bus, rail, bicycle, pedestrian, and ride services. We support infrastructure that is accessible to all, regardless of ability. We seek a robust infrastructure for electric vehicles, and elimination of fossil fuel use in transportation, heating, cooking and lawn care. Since information means access to knowledge and opportunity, we call for free broadband access and more library funding.

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