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A Letter from Leadership

Photo of Beth Turner

Hello Denver Democrats!

I am writing to you today filled with a sense of optimism and determination. The recent participation in our Denver Caucus and Assembly has been nothing short of inspiring. It's a clear signal that our community is ready to roll up its sleeves and put in the necessary work for this year's pivotal election. As your Communications Captain At-Large, I am particularly excited about the opportunities that lie ahead in enhancing our digital outreach.

Our focus in the coming months will be to expand the social media operations at both the county and house district levels. The digital landscape offers us a platform to connect with voters, especially the younger demographic, who may not engage as much with traditional media channels. The power of a strong digital presence cannot be overstated in today's political environment.

Moreover, it's crucial for us to not only mobilize voters, but also to educate them. One key insight we've gleaned is the importance of emphasizing not just the ballot issues and amendments, but also the significance of supporting candidates who champion our ideals and rights. For instance, recent events in Kansas highlighted a concerning trend where voters passionately opposed an initiative to amend the state’s constitution and criminalize a woman’s right to choose, but those same voters didn’t turn out in similar numbers for the candidates. This serves as a stark reminder that the laws and policies we fight for are only as strong as the elected officials who uphold them.

In light of this, I urge each one of you to take an active role in our communications efforts. Here's how you can help:

  • Share Our Message: Engage with us on social media by following, sharing, liking and commenting on our posts. Your interaction amplifies our voice and extends our reach.

  • Volunteer: We are always in need of talented individuals to contribute to our communications team. Whether you're a writer, designer or social media expert, your skills can make a significant difference. Please reach out to me at to get involved.

  • Join the Century Club: Century Club is a critical avenue for funding our operations. As volunteers, we operate on tight budgets, and every contribution enables us to enhance our outreach efforts.

This election is indeed the most pivotal of our lifetimes. The threats to our democracy and rights are not just theoretical; they are being openly discussed and pursued. We must stand united to ensure that the autocratic and exclusionary movements find no foothold in Denver or anywhere in Colorado. While we may have our differences, we all agree that fundamental rights and access to basic needs should not be privileges for the few.

Together, let's channel our collective energy and resources to safeguard our democracy and uphold the values we hold dear.

In Democratic Unity,

Francie Dudrey

Communications Captain At-Large

Democratic Party of Denver



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