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Denver Democrats Announce New Headquarters

Image of DPOD New Headquarters
Location Offers More Support for Volunteers and Provides Added Safety from Right-Wing Attacks

DENVER, Colo. (January 18, 2024) – To provide added safety for its volunteers and offer a more scalable space to enable its advocacy efforts, The Democratic Party of Denver has moved from its headquarters at 574 S. Broadway to a new location within Enterprise Coworking at 3000 Lawrence St. in the RiNo neighborhood in central Denver.

The move comes at a time when right-wing attacks against Democratic officials and volunteers are escalating. In the past year alone, the Democratic Party of Denver offices suffered three separate acts of vandalism. 

“As our party makes strides in raising public awareness about the significance of voting during these critical times for democracy, we are facing violent and destructive reactions from right-wing vigilantes,” said James Reyes, Chair of the Democratic Party of Denver. “The hostility and outright falsehoods propagated by many in the Republican Party have only served to incite and embolden their followers, leading to physical attacks against those who oppose their radical ideologies.”    


Denver isn’t the only place where the Democratic Party has experienced attacks. Countless Democratic Party offices across the country have been vandalized. In New Hampshire, the Democratic Party's Belknap County office was defaced with antisemitic and white supremacist symbols; Oregon’s Clackamas County office had bricks thrown through its windows. Unfortunately, vandalism isn’t where it ends. In places like New Mexico, right-wing extremists have shot up homes of Democratic officials and California narrowly avoided a bomb plot to take out its Democratic headquarters. 

“While we can’t prevent these attacks, we can take measures to increase the safety of our volunteers and staff,” Reyes continued. “Our new location is not only more secure, but also offers more amenities and space, which will greatly support our advocacy work as we approach a pivotal election year. Far from deterring us, these attacks have only served to reinforce the significance of our work and strengthen our commitment.”

The Denver Democrats’ new office is open Monday-Thursday from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Its phone number will stay the same: 303-830-8242.


The Democratic Party of Denver (DPOD) is a volunteer-run organization that seeks to inspire, educate, activate and recruit citizens of Denver to elect Democratic candidates who support our core Democratic values and principles. You can learn more about us and our important work at or by calling 303-830-8242.



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