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Denver Democrats Partner with Comscore to Engage with Voters Using Data-Driven Media Optimization

 DPOD releases empirical results highlighting increased voter reach and  engagement

Denver Democrats Partner with Comscore to Engage with Voters Using Data-Driven Media Optimization

DENVER, Colo. (May 14, 2024) – The Democratic Party of Denver (DPOD) is committed to fostering a well-informed electorate by delivering key issue-based content where voters are most receptive. In this context, the DPOD has announced the implementation and success of an innovative messaging and mobilization solution in collaboration with media solution leader Comscore

Using Comscore Social insights solutions, DPOD leveraged extensive media analytics to support a broader effort to understand the issues that matter most to Denver voters and to communicate in the most effective manner possible, resulting in strong lifts in total social engagement across platforms. For the nine months from August 2023 through March 2024, DPOD recorded a 35% increase in total engagements and a 167% increase in comments and replies across Facebook, Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) versus the same period a year ago. The initiative reflects the Denver Democrats’ dedication to enhancing voter education and engagement by meeting citizens where they are—both in terms of location and medium.  

For a comprehensive media optimization use case of this approach, access the use case presentation here.

Comscore case study infographi
Comscore helped the Denver Democrats better determine the issues that matter most to the Denver Community and increase engagement on social media.

Comscore’s cross-platform media optimization solutions are now being applied in the critical 2024 Presidential election cycle. The aim is to engage and mobilize support for significant issues, such as the Coloradans for Reproductive Freedom ballot initiative, an effort endorsed and actively supported by DPOD

“Ensuring that the Denver community is well-informed about the issues and the high stakes involved, and recognizing that Democrats are at the forefront of advocating for choice, equality, climate action and improved access to housing and healthcare, is our priority,” said James Reyes, Chair of the Democratic Party of Denver. “We also want to leverage our Media Optimization program to educate the electorate on how critical it is to not only show up and vote for a cause you care about, like reproductive freedom, but also to vote for the Democratic candidates who will protect those rights into the future.”

Comscore's media optimization solutions have helped DPOD effectively disseminate its messages to targeted audiences, enhancing engagement and support. These tools have enabled the efficient monitoring and sharing of messages across social media and various media platforms. Moreover, Comscore's in-depth research into Gen Z's voting behavior, including a Kansas ballot initiative in 2022, has provided DPOD with the insights necessary to target the right media channels. This strategic approach has allowed DPOD to communicate effectively with Gen Z and other demographics, enabling DPOD to highlight that supporting Democratic candidates is in their best interest and crucial for protecting their rights in the future.


The Democratic Party of Denver (DPOD) is a volunteer-run organization that seeks to inspire, educate, activate and recruit citizens of Denver to elect Democratic candidates who support our core Democratic values and principles. You can learn more about us and our important work at or by calling 303-830-8242.

Media Contact:

Francie Dudrey



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