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DPOD Chair Retires: Honoring Marc Kamin’s Contributions to the Denver Dems

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

The Denver Democrats are wishing a fond farewell to our Chair, Marc Kamin, who stepped down from his role during our biennial reorganization Feb. 4. Marc served as Chair for four years during one of the most pivotal elections of our lifetime, and his leadership and tireless work has helped keep Denver BLUE.

Marc has dedicated his life to supporting Democratic efforts - advocating for Democratic ideals since he could vote in 1972. He spent eight years volunteering for the Democratic Party of Denver, including a two-year term as Co-Captain of HD6A and serving as a PCP for many years. He was also awarded the Democratic Party of Denver Volunteer of the Year award winner in 2018. Prior to his work in Denver, Marc lived in Arapahoe County and volunteered his time with the local Democratic party for 20 years, including two terms as a city councilman.

Marc’s contributions to the Democratic Party are innumerable, and while words can’t fully express our gratitude, we hope this collection of well wishes comes close:

“Marc Kamin is a gem and a gift to all Colorado Dems. His relentless commitment to supporting Democrats and his deep caring about all of us sets a standard that very few can ever meet. For all elected officials, we owe Marc a big debt of gratitude--he defines what it means to be all in and he also sets a high bar for friendship. I count myself blessed to have him in my life.” – Phil Weiser, Colorado Attorney General

“Marc, thank you for all you have done to guide the Denver Dems through some of the most unprecedented times. You have always had my back and I so appreciate our friendship.” – Diana DeGette, U.S. House Representative for Colorado’s 1st District

“Thank you, Marc, for your years of service to the Denver Democrats and more broadly the people of Colorado. You have committed so much time, energy and passion to strengthening our party and our community. I’m grateful for your service and your friendship.” – Emily Sirota, CO State Representative, HD9

“The Denver Democrats are forever indebted to Marc Kamin. His service and leadership not only

delivered the largest Democratic majorities in Colorado history, he’s shown what we can accomplish when we organize and elevate our neighbors. I’m honored to call him a friend.” – Steven Woodrow, CO State Representative, HD2

"It's been an honor to work with Marc as his vice-chair the last two years. We have had a wonderfully productive relationship and learned so much from him. I am grateful that he's agreed to stay involved in the party." – James Reyes, Chair, DPOD

“‘I have learned that people will forget what you say. People will forget what you do. But people will never forget how you made them feel’ - Maya Angelou. Marc always made me feel warm and welcome.” – Helen Shreves, HD6, Former Asst. Secretary of DPOD

“It's been a pleasure to work alongside Marc the past two years. He has the ability to stand his ground and kindly designate authority at the same time. His leadership is unmistakably linked to the good work in DPOD. I learned a lot from him.” – Ling Sigstedt, Co-Communications Captain-At-Large, DPOD

“It’s truly an honor to count Marc as one of my friends. His decades of service to the Democratic Party, his relationships and his insights were invaluable to our efforts to communicate and build community with the Denver electorate. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to work alongside someone who’s such a champion for democratic ideals. Thank you, Marc!” – Francie Dudrey, Communications Captain-At-Large, DPOD

"I am so grateful for your service, Marc! Thank you for showing up to everything, and making the Denver Dems your life for the last few years! You have enriched the party and by extension, the whole city of Denver greatly!!” – Rosemary Pesko, HD8B Co-Captain

“Marc is always gentle and soft spoken, even when he is cussing. When I commented on how he is good at inspiring people, he accepted the compliment shyly. I think he is ready for a real paying job.” – Stella Yu, HD5B Finance Chair

“Marc reached out to me after the death of my daughter to offer his sympathies, and promised me a hug. When I next saw him, he gave me that warm hug and just a few moments of gentle conversation that were just what I needed in that moment.” – Lyric McKnight, HD1B Co-Captain



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