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It’s Official: Denver Dems Elect New Leadership

More than 250 Denver Democrats met on Saturday, Feb. 4, 2023 to participate in the Central Committee’s biennial reorganization event that elects the officers of the party to serve for the next two years.

Prior to electing new leadership, the Denver Dems paid tribute to our Chair, Marc Kamin, who stepped down after serving in the role for nearly four years. James Reyes, Current Chair and Former DPOD Vice Chair under Marc, Phil Weiser, Colorado Attorney General and Diana DeGette, U.S. House Representative for Colorado’s 1st District, all spoke of Marc’s unwavering commitment not only to the Denver Dems, but also the party as a whole.

County Officers

The first item of business was electing the County Officers. The new slate of DPOD Officers includes:

  • James Reyes, Chair

  • Leah Dean, 1st Vice Chair

  • Jared Bynum, 2nd Vice Chair

  • Adrian Felix, Secretary

  • Rita Simas, Treasurer

Subdistrict Leadership

House subdistricts then met to elect their Captain, Co-Captains and Finance Chairs. Here’s the list of elected subdistrict leaders:

House District 1
  • Tyler VanKirk, 1A Captain

  • Alison Egbers, 1A Co-Captain

  • Fran Coleman,1A Finance Chair

  • Justin Aragon,1B Captain

  • Lyric McKnight, 1B Co-Captain

House District 2
  • Emily Parker, 2A Captain

  • Trevor Jones, 2A Co-Captain

  • Scott Sloan, 2A Finance Chair

  • Sandi Berenbaum, 2B Captain

  • John Wadden, 2B Co-Captain

  • Betsy Hoover, 2B Finance Chair

House District 3
  • Nick Assaf, 3A Captain

  • Jon Cefkin, 3A Co-Captain

  • Natalie Mozer-Renn, 3A Finance Chair

House District 4
  • Tim Hernandez, 4A Captain

  • Gino Furzi, 4A Co-Captain

  • VACANT, 4A Finance Chair

  • Cecelia Espenoza, 4B Captain

  • Joshua Rosenblum, 4B Co-Captain

  • Kimberly Pena, 4B Finance Chair

House District 5
  • Tyler Mangin, 5A Captain

  • Terry Lopez, 5A Co-Captain

  • VACANT, 5A Finance Chair

  • Jon Kuhne, 5B Captain

  • Mike Cerbo, 5B Co-Captain

  • Stella Yu, 5B Finance Chair

House District 6
  • Andrew Fischer, 6A Captain

  • Matthew Ball, 6A Co-Captain

  • Katie March, 6A Finance Chair

  • Sean Camacho, 6B Captain

  • Karen Zazzaretti, 6B Co-Captain

  • Marc Kamin, 6B Finance Chair

House District 7
  • Lisa Escarcega, 7A Captain

  • Isabella Allen, 7A Co-Captain

  • Kyle Anderson, 7A Finance Chair

  • Ian Coggins, 7B Captain

  • Tim Richman, 7B Co-Captain

  • VACANT, 7B Finance Chair

House District 8
  • Mary Brice, 8A Captain

  • Richard Koseff , 8A Co-Captain

  • Beth Turner, 8A Finance Chair

  • Pat Morland, 8B Captain

  • Rosemary Pesko, 8B Co-Captain

  • Sharron Pettiford, 8B Finance Chair

House District 9
  • Marjorie Price, 9A Captain

  • Leora Joseph, 9A Co-Captain

  • VACANT, 9A Finance Chair

  • Larry Gallegos , 9B Captain

  • Geoff Withers, 9B Co-Captain

  • Cynthia Gallegos, 9B Finance Chair

Referred Measure 2O

The reorg’s agenda also included a motion to take a position on referred measure 2O (two-oh), to authorize the release of the Park Hill Golf Course conservation easement which would allow for commercial and residential development. After a vigorous debate, the central committee voted to not take a position.

Congratulations to the Denver Democrats’ new leadership! Here’s to working together for the next two years to advance the Democratic policies that reflect the values and priorities of the Denver community.



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