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You Can Help All of Colorado Go Blue Through the 546 and Horizon Projects

Join 546 and Horizon Projects to vote Lauren Boebert out and keep CD8 Blue.

Sometimes it’s easy for Denver Democrats to forget: We might be solid blue—but we live in a purple state. That means the rest of the state could use our help!

So let’s extend our local borders to include the entire state of Colorado. Let’s help our like-minded friends win on the Western Slope, Eastern Plains, in Aurora, Weld County, El Paso County and everywhere in between. They too deserve protection for their democratic institutions—and the best Democrats possible for their districts. Here’s what’s at stake.

School boards are under attack around the state

Republicans know they can’t win statewide or in the capitol, so they’re targeting areas like Douglas County, Woodland Park, Estes Park and all through our rural and mountain communities to funnel money to right-wing groups and install far-right candidates. Take Moms for Liberty. Founded in 2021 and opposed to school mask mandates, they’re now extending their reach, big time.

Their agenda? Censor what books are available in libraries. Oppose school superintendents, teachers’ unions and anything else they deem “woke” (i.e., liberal, tolerant, inclusive).

We cannot allow the divisive far right to take over our flagship educational institutions
  • Rhonda Solis in CD8, running for re-election, must retain her important seat on the State Board of Education.

  • CU Regent At-Large, top of the ticket this year, must stay blue. In addition, the CD3 seat for CU Regent is also up in 2024, and there are currently no declared candidates on either side. This opens up the opportunity for an extreme-right candidate to declare their candidacy, do zero work, raise no money and win. If you know a higher education champion in CD3, talk to them about running for CU Regent!

  • If we lose the CU Regent At-Large seat, we lose the CU Board of Regents as a whole— enabling so-called “educators” like indicted attorney John Eastman and Trump attorney/Colorado Christian University professor Jenna Ellis to take over.

You can help right now by participating in the 546 Project and Horizon Project

They’re laser-focused on getting Democrats out to vote in every election—including in CD3 (where 12,000 sat it out in 2022) and CD8 (where about 13,000 failed to vote and Yadira Caraveo won her House seat by a slim margin). We all know one other consequence: Rep. Lauren Boebert retained her undeserved seat by only 546 votes.

So please:

  • Donate to the 546 Project and Horizon Project if you can.

  • If you can’t donate, sign up to call voters, write postcards and text.

  • Watch for Denver Democrats’ plans to recruit volunteers to help Get Out The Vote statewide.



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